4 Important Upgrades for Your Conference Room

Have you looked at your conference room lately? If you have, have you thought about what kind of things you can do to improve it and bring it up to date? Below are 4 things that you can do with your company’s conference room to make it more modern and up to the demands of your company.

OLED TV or 4K Projector

When presenting content, you want to make sure the image quality is the best that it can be. You don’t want to take the chance that the image will be pixelated or fuzzy.

Upgrading the video that you have currently to a TV that has OLED backlighting or a great 4K projector is going to enhance your resolution and picture quality immediately in the boardroom.

Here are the differences between the two:

  • OLED backlighting – Ensure that the screen produces vibrant colors, incredible contrasts and true blacks
  • 4K Resolution – This uses image ratios that has quadruple the pixels as a 1080p high definition screen.
  • Your employees and you are going to see the difference instantly.

Lighting & Shade Control

Even when you choose the HD screen, it’s not going to do a lot of good if you have the glare that is keeping your audience from seeing what is on the screen.

One of the best things that you can use is motorized blinds. These will be able to automatically keep direct sunlight and glare out of the office so that the employees are able to stay in a working environment that’s comfortable throughout their day. These shades are able to connect to the presentation system, which will ensure that when you turn on your TV or projector and there’s the sun coming through the windows, these shades are going to adjust so that the room’s at the best brightness.

You can also have lighting control to help with managing the room’s artificial lights. This is going to be another big help. Just picture dimming the lights in front of your projection screen or TV and letting the remainder of the room stay lit during presentations. Not only does this encourage great picture quality; it also will ensure that your employees are staying awake, alert, and engaged. It also gives them the light needed for taking notes.

Network Upgrades

If you have done video conferences from the conference room before, chances are that you have had this problem. You’re on the phone and you suddenly have a frozen screen, even if it’s only frozen for a minute. Your audio’s thrown off, the quality of your picture’s damaged and your whole experience’s diminished.

When you own a business, you are able to fight faulty connections using an upgrade to your network infrastructure in the conference room.

It’s a good idea to upgrade the router to one that will support lots of bandwidth. You also can have various access points to the wireless so that the internet reception in the conference room is better.

You will notice your network’s quality is improving and that you have a more efficient internet experience overall.

Integrated Solutions

If you want to completely upgrade your conference room and automate it, you can think about having a whole integrated solution.

A good electronics professional will be able to merge all of the technologies in your conference room. This includes lighting up the TV or projector and adding audio distribution systems. This can all be put into one control system that’s easy and convenient to manage.

After you have the automation system installed, you will be able to prepare the whole conference room for a presentation or meeting just by pressing a button on your touchscreen panel, on your tablet or phone application, or on your in-wall keypad.

Having this system installed isn’t just going to give your conference room convenience – it’s going to take away the worry and wait for cooperating technology.

Once an automation system is installed, you can prepare your entire conference room for a meeting or presentation by pressing a single button on a touchscreen panel, in-wall keypad or even through a smartphone or tablet application.

Not only do you add convenience to your boardroom, you no longer have to worry about waiting for technology to cooperate.

Hurricane / Inclement Weather Preparation

Do you have a business in an area like Southwest Florida where hurricanes are common? Do you have concerns about the impact of a hurricane on your office computer?

If you answered yes to both questions, it’s critical to have a computer hurricane checklist for your business IT. This way, if bad weather begins to move toward your home or business, you can take immediate action.

Here are three general business IT procedures to keep in mind.


These are 4 upgrades that you can do to your conference room. They are going to make a huge difference in the way that your conference room works and help with creating a space that can give you and your employees the space that can help you with working for your company and for your customers. You’ll see a huge difference in the way your business works!

Make Your Naples Conference Room Tech Friendly

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