Apr 13 2023

Security Cameras in Southwest Florida: Wired vs Wireless

Security cameras have become an essential component of home security systems. With technological advancements, homeowners can choose between wired or wireless security cameras. The choice between the two types of cameras depends on several factors, such as the location of the camera, the budget, and the features required. This blog will discuss whether it is better to have wired or wireless security cameras in Southwest Florida.
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Aug 27 2019

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Christmas Light Installer

Holiday seasons are always exciting in Naples, Florida!

The excitement of Christmas drives many homeowners’ to a DIY approach for outdoor Christmas decorations.

When the positive Christmas vibes are all around, Christmas trees, and landscape lights, every homeowner wants their Naples home to look festive with glowing colorful lights!

Many families and neighborhoods in Naples (I’m looking at you, Victoria Park) love spending time installing Christmas lights on their own and creating a winter wonderland effect in the sunshine state of Florida.
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Jul 11 2019

10 Reasons to Install a Security System in Your Home

When it comes to safeguarding our prized possessions, one can never be too careful. Homeowners often find themselves debating between having or not having a home security system installed. However, the pros of installing a security system obviously outweigh all the arguments against having one.  

If you’re finding it hard to decide on installing a security system in your house, this article will help clarify the benefits of having a system. 
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May 07 2019

How Does a Smart Home Work?

With each passing year, smart home automation is growing in popularity. Don’t believe it? Check out this statistic:

The global smart home market is forecast to reach a value of more than 53 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.

If you’re interested in turning your traditional home into a smart home, it’s important to have a clear understanding of how the technology works.
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Apr 04 2019

The Best Smart Home Tech for Your Bedroom

Today’s homes are more technologically advanced than ever before. With smart home technology advancing with each passing day, there are many things you can do to add convenience and enjoyment to your life.

Technology in the bedroom is growing in popularity, with the following ideas among the best:
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Jan 09 2019

4 Important Upgrades for Your Conference Room

Have you looked at your conference room lately? If you have, have you thought about what kind of things you can do to improve it and bring it up to date? Below are 4 things that you can do with your company’s conference room to make it more modern and up to the demands of your company. Read More

Dec 06 2018

6 Benefits of Home Automation

Something that a lot of people have heard about these days is home automation. If you have thought about getting it for your home, chances are that there are some ways that you’re already utilizing it. Do you have timers on your lights? That’s home automation. Do you have a smart thermostat that changes temperatures based on the time of day? That also is home automation. A DVR on your television also is a form of home automation.
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