Cable Management

With any home video or audio system, you’ll also need to figure out the cable management and configuration of your set-up, how you’ll mount your screen and audio equipment, where your power is going to come from, which audio/video cables you’ll need, and what type of A/V and data wall plates they’ll plug into.

Thankfully, we’ve gathered these products to make your home theater look neat, clean and professional, all in one place for your convenience!

Organize and Manage Cords and Wires

We offer slide-out racks, lock boxes and surge suppressors to protect your valuable equipment. Our selection of home theater cables includes whatever type of cable you’ll need: speaker cables, HDMI, DVI, flat and low profile wires, component cables, and more…plus audio/video connectors. We can help you manage those cables with cable ID tags, wire loom, raceways and braided sleeving to keep it all protected and organized.

Cable Management Naples, FL

Cable management is something that all homeowners want, but don’t quite know how to get. That’s why Sight N Sound is here, we want to provide you with the best audio and video systems possible. We are the premier audio and visual company in Naples and we want you to live happily and comfortably. If you have any questions regarding cable management, contact us today so we can help you as soon as possible.

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